On line consultation

Suggestions & Complaints

We strive to provide the best possible care to all our patients and we always welcome your views or suggestions to help us improve our service to you.

If you have any suggestions for us on how our service could be improved please speak with one of the reception staff who will be more than happy to make a note and pass it on to the relevant staff.



Complaints should be addressed to our Practice Manager Denise Fay, or to the Health Professional that you see.

Every complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days and it will be explained to you when you can expect a further response once an initial investigation has taken place.

We will try our best to fully understand every point of view and will notify you of the outcome.

If you’re not satisfied with this we will invite you to attend the surgery, with a friend if you would like to to discuss the complaint and the findings of our internal investigation.

Where necessary the practice will consider any internal action required to ensure a similar incident does not occur in the future.

If the complaint remains unresolved the complainant will be informed of  the right to ask the Paliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman(PHSO) to review the complaint if you remain unhappy once the local resolution is complete.  The address is:

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower

Tel: 0345 015 4033

Email: phso.enquiries@ombudsman.org.uk


PALS has been set up to ensure that the NHS listens to patients, their relatives, carers and friends, answering their questions and resolving their concerns as quickly as possible.





Dr Watson